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VISITING . Times & Days .

Members of the Public sadly detained in UK NHS psychiatry institutions have for some no one to visit & then within some months & years suffer health degradation & damage to clothes & foot wear caused from either wear & tear issues though also from  NHS Staff restraint assault . When patients suffer slow & gradual worsening issues NHS Staff fail to provide repairs for clothing & foot wear else also decide not to purchase new clothing & foot wear .

Patient also have no cheap, fast communications & find private telephone calls with possible family & friends impossible else very difficult . Patients don’t have a say with how these NHS Psychiatry Institutions are planned .

In eget sapien

VISITING . Checking Up on . Relatives & Friends living at NHS Psychiatry Institutions facing abandonment & day issues .

UK Wide Psychiatry Institutions don’t for most have any technical remote IP Camera & Sound checks for at least Relatives & Friends for computer panel & mobile panel alerts . THOUGH . Also lack of information & deceit can be an issue in order to hide health damage, assault & worsening of lives . It’s been explained that for some of these Institutions there is no Mobile Phone Network communications mast near & Staff have the use of Mobile Phone Wireless Scanners & restraint confiscation else damage of patient mobile phones . THOUGH . Other explained issues happen of patient mobile phones being stolen from other patients else being damaged with put down a patient toilet else held under a bathroom shower head . THOUGH . Also have been reported to have been stolen from another patient & thrown causing damage else stamped on with another patients foot wear . There is also no fast track compensation from Institution Staff & no Repairs from Institution Staff . Patients with a worsening life then have no method with these issues of letting family & friends know of distress .

VISITING . Restrictions of Times & Days . THEN . What help is there at NHS Psychiatry Institutions

Various NHS & Private Psychiatry Institutions have a time range that is the ONLY permitted Visiting for Relatives & Friends though very ,much sadly for Members of the Public detained at a somewhat vast distance from the Home Town then causes greater distress for Relatives & Friends that have no choice than to travel on somewhat multiple trains & buses that takes considerable time in order ONLY to be given a couple of hours time with their detained Relative &Friend . THOUGH . These issues are made worse if don’t have substantial money to pay for greater transport cost’s & if have to attend work during the week leaving the only remaining time when not in employed at work available . Most of the time there is no constant regular visits & issues of what has been reported of health degradation & at worse tragic loss of life has been suffered with no possible capability of the distance Relative & Friends to stop this . Reports are issued from Psychiatrists & are backed with legal regulations that cause yet greater detainment time & different psychiatry methods are forced with no powers for Relatives & Friends to stop this & if patient health damage else loss of life no explained fast track compensation .

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