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Saturday . 17 Th September . 2016

Some while around this morning patient jane had said that her daughter attempted sadly suicide because of what patient jane explained to be the suffering of her mothers life . Patient jane said that her daughter was rushed to NHS Tameside Hospital . A & E . For issues of a suspected drugs overdose . Patient dinger said he’d seen patient jane in a very upsetting weeping & crying condition that is on a Saturday . 17 Th September & the following day the Sunday . 18 Th September .

At around 3-15 PM spotted patient michael in his bedroom lay on his bed I spoke to NHS Saxon Ward Staff Joedy & NHS Saxon Ward dr . Shirren Albert & asked if patient michael had been given his noon . Midday . Dinner meal I was told from a NHS Saxon Ward Staff . Jules . Joedy. That were not on shift & in work at that time & told me they had only started their work rosta shift around 1 hour later that day & said didn’t know . However patient darren said that he had not seen patient michael at the dinning / visitor area at the time of noon . Midday . Dinner meal . I spoke to a dr . Shirren Albert & asked why it was that patient michael was on his bed for what seemed to be a psychiatry needle injection from late last night on the Friday . 16 Th September . 2016 . The NHS Saxon Ward dr . Shirren Albert said it was confidential when I asked was patient michael given a psychiatry needle injection of ( ACCUPHASE )

I was trying to make a cup of tea at 6-32 PM in the kitchen though found there was no milk in the fridge with no lock that’s at least 1 metre away from the store fridge that has a NHS Saxon Ward Staff controlled lock . NHS Saxon Ward Staff Joedy & another NHS Saxon Ward Staff explained the fridge with a lock has the key lost & NHS Saxon Ward Staff are now trying to find where this key is for the fridge with a lock . The issues now are that patients can’t have any milk with their hot tea, coffee & chocolate & have no option than either drinking cold cordial drinks else finding their own bottle drinks purchased in their patient bedrooms .

Patient katy at around 7-30 PM vomited in the garden flowerbeds then NHS Saxon Ward Staff Bina said to patient katy it’s supposedly a combination of anxiety & not eating a proper diet though it’s been explained that NHS Saxon Ward Staff for some are not even trained & qualified at even very basic first aid never mind any other awareness & psychiatry issues education . Patient katy has been known to have a good appetite when isn’t suffering the trauma & distress of psychiatry & rarely misses a meal it was stated that at no time was it explained from the NHS Saxon Ward Staff that the one issue of vomiting alone could be a contra indication of harm from prescribed psychiatry drugs .

Early today patient katy was told in her patient bedroom to clean her vomit in the garden from what has been explained to be NHS Saxon Ward Staff Bina though on other occasion patients are asked to either attend to their own cuts and grazes & for other patients told to clean the explained issues of psychiatry drugs caused medical distress that includes issues of vomiting .

At around 9-15 PM patient dinger has not been given any psychiatry drugs & very much sensibly no psychiatry needle injection . Still at 9-20 PM patient michael has not left his patient bedroom all day . When opening patient michaels bedroom door to find if possibly OK the spoken words were quietly said & slurred with a somewhat doped & zombified condition .

Patient john was admitted today with issues of self harm neck lacerations at the back though tends to intermittently twitch & is thin build other patients do speak & sadly explain he could be suffering somewhat of heroin withdrawal & could if not given a responsible health check have faced a tragedy of a cardiac arrest that’s a heart attack . Patients didn’t know that day if patient john was given a responsible medial checkup & genuine after care .

Patient michael was awake for late supper Saturday . 17 Th September . & was talking to other patients in the dining / visitors area patient michael tried somewhat to clarify that he had suffered bruises on his arms near his shoulder that was shortly after the restrained psychiatry needle injection on a Friday . 16 Th September . Patient micheal carried on to explain that around 15 NHS Psychiatry Staff were inside his patient bedroom & directly out side of his door as he was held & positioned face down on his bed . Though very much sadly patient michael has self harmed with a struggling attempt to fasten the patient bedroom toilet paper reel tissue around his wrist with a spot of blood seeping into this tissue .

It’s been explained from a somewhat vast number of psychiatry investigation documentaries that the self harm issues alone are caused from psychiatry drugs & psychiatry needle injections that also is said causes the worsening of the human beings character .

Sunday . 18 Th September . 2016

Patients were unable to make any breakfast for what was explained to be no sufficient milk on the breakfast cereal table & no milk also in the fridge with no lock it must have meant waiting at least 10 minutes to simply ask NHS Saxon Ward Staff to simply carry milk from the fridge with a lock to the fridge with no lock that is less than one metre away . NHS Saxon Ward Staff are either on a one to one ( heavy scrutinised observance of patient ) else deciding to simply walk away somewhere else .

The problem with this is that NHS Saxon Ward Staff are deciding to buy very small 1 litre cartons of milk that mean having to constantly ask & the fridge is unable to hold any larger capacity of milk such as single 4 pint cartons that would logically last perhaps all of the day without patients having to ask for replacing milk . There is also no constant checks with monitoring levels of milk available & if NHS Saxon Ward Staff are asked there is complete incapability to respond at that time because of other time wasting issues therefore causing amongst a somewhat vast list of problems yet even greater distress as it is .

Patient michael has now after some while been able to have some breakfast & dinner & also it’s been explained the NHS Saxon Ward Staff have given patient michael his laptop computer kit & bedroom possessions that was for unknown reasons were confiscated & then put into the NHS Saxon Ward Store Room .

With a conversation from patient dinger to volunteer admission patient stephanie it was clarified that some what numerous psychiatry drugs were given without any medical & psychiatrist examination shortly after patient stephanie became ill with a list of health problems including feeling zombified, urinating regular, excreting with no bowel control, vomiting & sadly suffered urinating on the NHS Saxon Ward corridors though went to her bed for sleep in clothes that had accidentally been urinated .

The explanation from patient stephanie was that NHS Saxon Ward Staff realised these issues though failed to take measure’s for cleaning her clothes & helping her to shower & then giving obvious clean replacement clothing the NHS Saxon Ward Staff were explained to be in legal breach of a Duty of Care . Patient stephanie was also without meals for what was said to be 2 days though when patient stephanie awoke asked for fluid drinks & was at least given a drink & then at that time a meal was given though patient stephanie said was unable to eat . It was then that NHS Saxon Ward Staff demanded her to take additional psychiatry drugs because of the accusation of self harming & accusation of being violent .

Tuesday . 20 Th September . 2016

Patient dinger spoke to patient sophie & was told the NHS Saxon Ward Staff became aggressive for some undisclosed reason & roughly man handled patient sophie into her bedroom . Patient sophoe said the NHS Saxon Ward Staff used some bedding to truss her so that she could not move rather similar to the now banned straight jacket it was then explained that a number of psychiatry injections were demanded that were against patient sophie’s will . Patient sophie continues sadly to self harm the NHS Saxon Ward Staff found a razor blade in her bedroom & this was promptly & very much sensibly confiscated the influencing tragedy is are the psychiatry drugs & psychiatry injections causing a personality & character degradation prompting even yet other NHS Saxon Ward Staff assault & yet greater severe methods .

Wednesday . 21 St September . 2016

Patient katie continues to be very unwell & vomits frequently patient dinger spoke to NHS Saxon Ward Staff Nurse John of patient katies plight & asked for an NHS Nurse to attend to her . NHS Saxon Ward Nurse Dawn went outside in the garden meshed bridge interlock area where patients were talking & smoking & decided to tell patient katy of saying that she was smoking in excess & had not eaten anything for 11 days only toast & a small sandwich . Patient dinger tried somewhat to clarify with NHS Saxon Ward Staff Dawn explaining this was somewhat stupid assumptions & then said that the psychiatry drugs prescribed were making patient katie very much obviously ill .

NHS Saxon Ward Staff Dawn was said to have shouted at patient dinger saying “ mind your own business “ both patients katie & patient dinger were disappointed at the total lack of compassion shown from NHS Saxon Ward Staff Dawn . Another vomitting attack was suffered from patient katie & patient lisa obtained some water to try somewhat to clean the vomit spill on the concrete floor of the garden meshed bridge are interlock .

Today patient eddie attended dr barnes ward round & was given home leave on his own in order to check his home though sadly this leave was cancelled from the NHS Tameside Hospital . Saxon Ward Manageress named yazmin that was explained to have changed the leave entitlement notes with other wording for patient eddie . The new issues now are that there is no leave & that patient eddie must not leave the Saxon Ward the re wording of the patient leave entitlement was also checked from NHS Saxon Ward Nurse john . A complaint was then passed to NHS Saxon Ward Senior alice that then decided there is no leave until Sunday . 25 Th September . 2016 . Where patient eddie was allowed to check his home address though he explained was feeling uncomfortable & then returned early to the NHS Saxon Ward .

Thursday . 22 Nd September . 2016

Patient lesley was released today from the NHS Saxon Ward though was in tears & missery explaining with some distress that she had nowhere to live as was homeless . Patient dinger, patient michael & patient rachel tried to provide some words of wisdom though I passed onto patient lesley a written paper with name of local volunteers that could help for possible emergency housing . The very much sad issues was that the NHS Saxon Ward psychiatrist christine shaw was told from patient leslely that there was no money in savings to pay for a deposit with private housing though the psychiatrist was able to see patient lesley in fits of tears though very much failed to give any help at that time . When I came back to the NHS Saxon Ward patient lesley had explained that social services had at the last moment given housing from travel lodge from Thursday . 22 Nd September . 2017 right to Tuesday the following week though what the issues after Tuesday were to be wasn’t explained .

Also today patient rachel was released around 8 PM other patients passed on E Maill & Telephone Numbers & asked patient rachel to keep in touch if possible to give any help . Brought along to NHS Saxon Ward from patient rachel was an internet I pad that was of some help & was kind enough to share chocolates & crisps with numerous other patients . At visiting times a friend was able to visit & speak with patient rachel for some help to be given .

Patient michael had some issues today with slurred speech & was possibly drunk though very much sadly had gone through some distressing hell & poverty . Though also the NHS Saxon Staff had assault restrained patient michael the spoken conversation was tragic & responding to some very much heartbreaking tragedy & therefore patient michael verbally lashed out at the injustice he had suffered . The psychiatry abuse chemical injections have also been explained to cause issues of iatrogenic health damage & personality change with hostile & suicidal tragic thoughts . These reported issues were described around 4 years ago from . Fox tv news reporter . Douglas kennedy .

Friday . 23 Rd September . 2016

Other patients today had explained that patients sophie & stephanie had been restrained psychiatry chemical injected .