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Faulty Fixtures

Echoing Halls

No Help if Loss

Payphone Issues

Visiting Facility Day Issues Saxon Ward

Patients . FIND . Primitive Facilities & also their own Personal Technology . Suffers

The . ONLY . Communications technology at NHS Psychiatry Wards is a metal coin operated payphone that needs the patient to have at least metal coinage . THOUGH . Patients detained with being fast grabbed don’t have any coins in their pockets & coat . THOUGH . The payphone has setting’s altered that . DOESN’T . Allow any Free Phone Calls & . DOESN’T . Allow calls to a Mobile Phone . THOUGH . Also the time duration of the call is reduced & the payphone has scammed the patient .

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COMMUNICATIONS . Technology . THOUGH . Faulty Payphone & Scam Payphone

Patients . DENIED . Computer & Internet . THOUGH . Faulty & Time Restricted WiFi

Most of these NHS Psychiatry Wards have at least a minimum total of around 7 Computers with Internet connection . THOUGH . These are found in NHS Ward Staff Offices no install of Patient Computers with Internet has been given to order basic help such as toiletries, clothing & footwear . The NHS Ward Staff Offices computers are DENIED to patients detained .

Patients . DENIED . TV . DVD Player . Radio . CD Player . Games Console

Vast issues happen with other Patients vandalising entertainment appliances else stolen & then either taking ages to repair else taking ages to replace else not replaced . THOUGH . Also electronic faults otherwise arn’t repaired fast track & NHS Staff explain that NHS Hospital Maintenance & Repairs take considerable time to check & repair . Loss & Shoddy support is a constant problem with no sensible improvement for ages .

Patients . DENIED Help . For their Personal Mobile Phones . Laptops . I Pads

The property of patients that is mobile phones, laptop computers & I Pads is prone to somewhat vast issues of either being NHS Psychiatry Ward Staff confiscated for ages else could find this property is stolen & damaged from other patients . With no Fast Track Compensation because of a Hospital Disclaimer Notice .

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SHODDY & Irresponsible Facilities . With NO Public Say with Planning & Staff

It seems that the Yearly . C.Q.C ( care quality commission ) DOESN’T describe the lack of responsible technology in these NHS Psychiatry Institutions .

Laundry appliances are another issue with faulty washers / dryers & then steam irons . THOUGH . Also a failure to repair /replace fast track . THOUGH . Patients asked to dry clothes on a clothing maiden else finding laundry room door insecure & then damage & loss of clothing regularly .