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FACILITIES . Home & Family Life . Years Ago .

Families somewhat years ago lived from a healthy & responsible wages & were then able to live in Council Housing that ONLY contained their family with the Tenants control of everything in their living areas . Employment was stable & wages healthy & responsible in the long term even as 30 years time span . There was no issues with having to suffer extreme debt & at that time no need to reach pay day loan & wonga because they did not exist & wages were sensible & the cost of living was also sensible that home & family life was good .

FACILITIES of . NHS Psychiatry & Legal Methods . Within UK Society . That . INSTRUCT . Local Police with Extreme Brutality Issues

Though with alterations with society a vast number of lives are controlled from NHS Psychiatry that also instructs the Local Police that have methods of hunting techniques with airborne helicopters with distance body heat sensors & night vision .

Though also have the use of metal bar bolt home front door wreckers & german shepherd police dogs trained to bite & hold parts of a human body . Though other methods are given to police such as human body fasteners were restraint straps can be fastened around the legs, ankles, arms & wrists .

Though other methods are given to police with the use of taser guns that if fired with hazard can cause brain damage else cause heart failure . Somewhat vast information details are kept on the public with also from researched police issues capability to influence the media that can cause pubic alterations of opinions with in sighting hostility against the media victim .

FACILITIES . Members of the Public have . SADLY . Explained . Detainment Institutions Abuses & Isolated Suffering

There has been no Vast Comprehensive Report on the Institutions throughout the UK that detain people & also no explanation of health that is found to have been worsened with in some cases Staff that are not qualified & irresponsible medical help such as giving a detained patient a paracetamol . Though yet extreme tragedies leaked from the Public no longer detained are that Cell Buzzers & Cell Intercoms are ignored & with emergency distress member’s of the public found abandoned & dead in these institutions with no genuine explanation & no safeguards .

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