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Saturday . 24 Th September . 2016

Around a 9-15 PM patient amelia was seen from other patients tipping new & unsealed cartons of milk down the kitchen sink drain . The kitchen fridge with no lock after this issue now has no available milk for patients & the only option now for patients is to ask in the NHS Saxon Ward Nurse Office . I had to struggle with making a tea in a polystyrene cup to then carry this through a spring loaded kitchen door for topping up with milk from the NHS Saxon Ward Nurse Office .

Though some while later when I carried this to the MDT Room 2 another patient decided to not cover mouth with hand whilst sneezing though instead sneezed twice into my polystyrene tea cup I then had to walk to the kitchen though the spring loaded door to pour down the kitchen sink drain .

I’d got some leave today & brought back to the NHS Saxon Ward for patient chris a pack of cigs, metal coins & receipt & also for patient mark 3 cartons of ribena & receipt . The mechanical coin controlled pay phone connector cord hasn’t been replaced when I checked at around 3-55 PM today since being reported to NHS Saxon Ward Staff at midday yesterday that was said to have been written in a Saxon Ward Book . I explained it was a time span repair of a few minutes & that telecom's companies exist in tameside though the NHS Saxon Ward Staff explained that NHS Tameside Hospital Maintenance take some very much considerable time to do repairs & that it could possibly take at least 1 week to repair .

Patient amel spoke to patients at the garden meshed bridge & explained he had no plug sockets power in his bedroom & that this had been this way for 1 week . Though I had also suffered with no plug sockets power with NHS Saxon Ward Staff refusing to reset the RCD circuit breaker & also failing to make sure the NHS Tameside Hospital Maintenance reset the bedroom plug sockets at the fastest time also .

Other issues noted from the bedroom plug sockets are that mobile phone chargers, shaver power supplies, portable radio adaptors & laptop power supplies have all suffered electronic damage & have had to be thrown in the bin & at cost replacements paid for from detained patients .

Another patient was admitted today called gary though seemed timid & quietly spoken though was sat stationery with no facial emotion & didn’t speak to anyone . The body language of patient gary seemed to be vulnerable & naïve when eventually speaking to other patients though the conversation wasn’t interactive & patient gary had suffered some dental neglect the words spoken were slurred & fast & could also not be heard loud enough . This meant that patient gary was then in close face proximity to another patient with also spoken aggressive intonation & intimidating eyes .

The conversation also seemed to be not interactive & as the other patient spoke patient gary then decides to talk at the same time then another patient explained that patient gary was said to have violent thoughts though had been restrained with psychiatry drugs for at least 30 years . I explained to patient gary that a news report around 4 years ago clarified that psychiatry drugs cause aggressive behaviour & that very much sadly NHS psychiatry had caused somewhat vast UK tragedy . With methods that are explained to damage people as clarified from research & a recent report at that time was that there was around 10,000 patient deaths in NHS institutions with yet again no researched explanation of the actual cause of death .

Patient gary didn’t seem to be aware of these already reported issues within the UK .

Patient katy was yet again vomiting in her bedroom & also on the concrete floor in the meshed garden bridge area though patient katy said to other patients had not eaten any breakfast, dinner & tea & had no hunger for food . Patient katy explained that NHS Saxon Staff had said to her that it was supposedly anxiety & smoking problems though as well these NHS Saxon Ward Staff aren't qualified responsibly & most don’t even have any first aid training . Other patients that had trained at first aid & had researched psychiatry drugs explained it was a bad reaction to the issues of what has been explained to be toxic iatrogenic psychiatry drugs and then some while after tragedy health problems .

At meal times patients had reported not being there at the start & were late then because of this there was no meal available this was said to have been given to other patients else NHS Saxon Ward Staff . It’s been explained there is a quota of 24 meals constantly delivered on the meal cart though usually there are 19 patients attending eating a meal . During the evening some of the time there is no buttered toast with an explanation there is no NHS Saxon Ward Staff to help however 2 metal foil sealed trays of meal cart delivered sandwiches .

Sunday . 25 Th September . 2017

Today was the same issues with no available milk in the kitchen fridge with no lock though having no option than to ask for milk from the carton on the filing cabinet in the NHS Saxon Ward Nurses Office . The office door was also locked on a few occasions the Office door would not be opened with an explanation were on a 1 to1 with a detained patient else would walk away leaving the support issue ignored .

Though found the issues somewhat less distressing because my polystyrene cup of tea was topped up within around 2 minutes with a comment that I looked like oliver twist with another phrase spoken from NHS Saxon Ward Staff being “ can I have some more “ I had to answer that at my home address that is where I should be I could walk to my kitchen in seconds & lift out a carton of milk without any day to day extraneous difficult problems from bad control freaks .

Around 5-35 PM today I heard patient amelia shout in the echoing corridor though restrained from 2 NHS Saxon Ward Staff around patient amelias shoulder arms & then 1 NHS Saxon Ward Staff holding patient amelias head down & facing her . Patient amelia was taken to her bedroom with NHS Saxon Ward Staff speaking deciding to bring a grey cardboard tray with a psychiatry needle injection & a yellow plastic tub with a slider lid for needle disposing .

At 8-40 PM today NHS Saxon Ward Nurse Gaynor brought from the kitchen fridge with a lock 1 tray of metal foil sealed sandwiches even though there is normally 2 trays of sandwiches . It was explained there wasn’t 2 trays of sandwiches because the NHS Tameside Hospital kitchen staff had forgotten it was also said there was no buttered toast because of what was said to be a NHS Saxon Ward Staff shortage though sat watching tv were NHS Saxon Ward Bank Staff .

Other issues have been explained that when there was toast being made from NHS Saxon Ward Staff that patients explained issues of mould particles on the toast & then having to find toast remaining without any mould particles . NHS Saxon Ward Staff are either not very observant else could be causing food poisoning with patients having to suffer health problems after . With also no responsible medical care because of NHS Saxon Ward Staff issues of asking patients if want a paracetamol & on a number of occasions NHS Saxon Ward Staff not being medically qualified even at very basic first aid .

Monday . 26 Th September . 2017

At around 12-40 AM I asked for some patient bathroom towels & was told there was non available in the corridor shelf cupboard . I was also told that the NHS Saxon Ward House Officer Dianne isn’t in work today who has a job to stock up this towel cupboard in the corridor & also the NHS Saxon Ward Clerk Maureen wasn’t also in work today for patients to be given any postal deliveries be this letters & parcels .

Patient dinger is still waiting for his internet purchased postal mobile phone battery because of a fault with the existing mobile phone battery that’s not properly able to store a charge & then because of this patient dingers mobile phone powers off in a short time . NHS Saxon Ward Staff Nurse Dawn said there could be a possible delivery of patient towels today though didn’t know & I was given a bedding sheet & pillow case to dry myself after a wash because of these lack of stocked cupboard areas .