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Thursday . 15 Th September . 2016

Patient named chris spoke also to other patients in the tv sofa area & said the police brought him back to the NHS Tameside Hospital . Etherow . Saxon Ward in the early hours of the morning around 5 AM . It was explained that patient chris had got some home leave on a Monday . 19 Th September 2016 . Though made use of this time with his girlfriend then on a Wednesday evening made a visit to the Prince of Orange public house for a fresh pint of beer & a chat with great social able friends .

Then later walked home a few minutes away though because of the beverages went straight to sleep forgetting his home front door though then at around 4 AM 2 Police Men stepped into his home & asked patient chris to get dressed then lock his home front door & whilst he was brought to NHS Tameside Hospital . psychiatry . Etherow . Saxon Ward . The problems now being that because patient chris didn’t follow the leave time restrictions & return to the NHS Saxon Ward on time that the leave permission time is now stopped else reduced these are the methods with not getting back to the NHS Saxon Ward on time . Patient chris now has to be given leave time restoration & eventual release from the NHS Saxon Ward then he is back at his home address with perhaps less difficulties & life distress though in a very grim way somewhat better .

Patient dinger took breakfast cereal & then went for cigarette break in the garden meshed bridge area interlock then returned to the NHS Saxon Ward dining / visitor area where he spoke to the Cloverleaf Advocacy named Emily Merriman then both went to the wooden garden hut & discussed problems that were suffered . Patient dinger explained to Cloverleaf Advocacy’s Emily Merriman that Allison from NHS Pennine Care Foundation . TRUST . had spoken with patient dinger & had at least promised to be at dr Christine Shaw & patient dingers psychiatry ward round though in fact wasn’t there & failed on her promise . Cloverleafs Advocacy Emily Merriman had supposedly been told from the NHS Saxon Ward Nurse Office Staff that Alison was said to have visited this morning though as explained with patient dingers explanation didn’t attend the . Dr . Christine Shaw . Psychiatrist ward round with patient dinger .

At around 11-30 AM . Thursday . 15 Th September . 2016 . NHS Saxon Ward Staff Rabi came into the garden area whilst patient dinger was speaking to Cloverleaf’s Advocacy Emily Merriman sat on the garden hut wood benches then NHS Saxon Ward Staff Rabi asked patient dinger to go attend the psychiatrist . Dr . Christine Shaw’s ward round though patient dinger explained was on a cigarette break & kindly asked NHS Saxon Ward Staff Rabi for . Psychiatrist . Dr . Christine Shaw to interview another detained patient NHS Saxon Ward Staff said this was OK & would kindly pass the message on to psychiatrist . Dr . Christine Shaw .

Emily Merriman from Cloverleaf Advocacy & patient dinger walked from the garden hut bench area to the NHS Saxon Ward corridor where  patient dinger walked passed the . MDT 1 Room ( that is nearly always locked & is used for psychiatry patient interviews ) & dr . Christine Shaw . Was interviewing patient named michael . Emily Merriman from Cloverleaf’s advocacy was now interviewing patient brin in the Ladys TV Room . Patient dinger made his way to the dining / visitors area around noon . midday & started to eat his dinner though whilst he was doing this NHS Saxon Ward Staff Rabi asked patient dinger to be interview from psychiatrist . Dr . Christine Shaw . Patient dinger explained as could be noticed that he was eating his dinner & therefore didn’t want to waste this & therefore NHS Saxon Staff Rabi agreed this was OK for patient dinger to eat all of his meal .

Patient dinger then made his way to the . MDT1 Room . Where dr . Christine Shaw . Was interviewing another patient & demanded that patient dinger wait outside in the corridor patient dinger was stood waiting in the corridor for some 15 minutes after this time NHS Saxon Ward Staff Rabi came out of the . MDT 1 Room . & explained to patient dinger & Cloverleaf’s Advocacy Emily Merriman that . Dr . Christine Shaw’s ward round with patient dinger would now be planned for afternoon that day being a . Thursday . 15 Th September . 2016 .

NHS Saxon Ward Staff Rabi was asked from patient dinger if could speak with Cloverleaf’s Emily Merriman before the planned psychiatrist . Dr . Christine Shaw’s . ward round . Though Emily Merriman left the NHS Saxon Ward at that time . Patient dinger walked along the corridor though explained that he was not acknowledged & spoken to though instead ignored from . dr . Christine Shaw . Patient dinger was said to have been saddened from this reaction from NHS psychiatrist dr . Christine Shaw .

Later on that afternoon the psychiatrist . Dr . Christine Shaw . Ward round never happened the consequence now is that patient dinger can be kept on the . NHS Saxon Ward without privileges for another 1 week & dr . Christine Shaw would not have to answer to patient dinger, Emily Merriman from Cloverleaf Advocacy & Alison from NHS Pennine Care Foundation TRUST . Patient dinger found these issues & other similar problems distressing & disappointing because of the failings of psychiatrist . dr . Christine Shaw to be reasonable & responsible .

Patient named kieran spoke to patient named dinger at 1-55 PM today & explained that his electric razor was still not to be found in the NHS Saxon Ward Staff controlled store room door & that it had been missing for at least 1 and a half days with also having now to use a possible difficult NHS Saxon Ward razor from the store room .

Patient named dave has been told from NHS Saxon Ward Staff that he has been given permission to go home to his flat today in Stalybridge . It’s been a few days since patient dave has been detained at NHS Tameside Hospital Saxon Ward with what has been explained to be a telephone call to his supported accommodation warden then being brought into NHS Saxon Ward with ambulance after some home care issues that could have been caused from the side effects of the psychiatry drugs & methods . It’s genuinely hoped that his family relatives, great neighbours & friends visit & at least telephone on a day basis otherwise visit on a day basis & be a life line .

Patient named jane has been told from NHS psychiatrist . dr Christine Shaw . That she has been permission to go home though infact what home because patient names jane is sadly homeless . With a burst of sad emotion & weeping crying tears patient named jane spoke to dr . Christine Shaw . Though found help wasn’t fast track & caring . Patient named jane explained she didn’t have any up front money for a private landlord & the reason why she had lost her previous home & the terms & conditions of housing wasn’t explained . Other patients tried to help I passed patient named jane details of the Station Hotel in Ashton under Lyne resource from Land Lady Pauline Town who has already helped Tameside People that have sadly become destitute with emergency housing, food & hygiene supplies, & social media explanations asking for much greater resources to help an increasing number of Tameside Lives affected from poverty & homelessness .

Patient named kyle has been transferred from NHS Stepping Hill Hospital . Norbury Ward . Explaining that he was at this ward for only a few days with some issues of psychological distress that could have been made worse with the psychiatry drugs . It was explained that patient named kyle was living some while ago with his sister in Hattersley who had taken patient kyle to see a DR GP that referred patient kyle to a project called Healthy Minds . Some while later patient named kyle was told there were no admissions to NHS Tameside Hospital . Psychiatry Wards . Though was taken in a car to NHS Stepping Hill Hospital . Psychiatry . Norbury Ward .

At this ward patient kyle was told to take psychiatry drugs & the building design issues are as such that the patients don’t have their own rooms though instead have a Dorm Bed Area with 4 patient beds that’s very much open plan with possibly no privacy & no security . The first day patient kyle was admitted to . NHS Stepping Hill . Psychiatry . Norbury Ward he noticed a patient that was said to be disruptive the NHS Norbury Ward Staff then have exactly the same methods as the NHS Saxon Ward & that is to hold down else grab restraint the patient with a psychiatry needle injection .

At NHS Saxon Ward kyke has been given no psychiatry drugs else psychiatry injections & has been told from NHS Saxon Ward Staff that would be interviewed from the psychiatrist tomorrow this being the . Friday . 16 th September . 2016 . Patient named kyle has also been told from NHS Saxon Ward Staff that his Case File has been lost with his next of Kin details though greater clarification is to be given on a Friday . 16 Th September from the . NHS Saxon Ward psychiatrist .

Patient named mark has been trying to help patient michael who already explained suffered a deceit death attempt ambush though also patient mark sadly has some tragic life problems that at least need people to co operate & give some help . Patient mark very much sadly also tried to take his own valuable life though was also rescued from a member of the Great British Public who telephoned for an emergency ambulance . Though today patient mark is there to help patient michael with words of wisdom & guidance help & very simple help such as bringing a hot tea in a polystyrene cup for patient michael .

It was also clarified from patient mark that his NHS psychiatry drugs & methods listings file at the NHS Tameside Hospital . Etherow . Saxon Ward . Has somehow gone missing & tonight being a Thursday . 15 Th September . 2016 . Patient mark doesn’t have to take any psychiatry drugs though at least spends time with talk help for patient michael .