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Sunday . 11 Th September . 2016

Though doesn’t then complete the job because of being in yet another conversation with 2 other NHS Saxon Ward Staff outside of the Nurses Office door the conversation then continues with the other NHS Saxon Ward Staff about NHS Staff Pensions with the NHS Saxon Ward Staff member less than 39 years old . After a few minutes of the conversation the NHS Saxon Ward Staff member walks into the Nurses Office to remove a key from the wall key store & then walks towards the kitchen door & forward into the kitchen to open the fridge with a lock for the sum total of carrying a 1 litres carton of milk from a fridge with a lock to a fridge with no lock then is obviously less than 1 meters away .

Checking the kitchen slider draws these are found empty of both plastic cups for cool drinks and also empty of polystyrene cups for hot drinks I then ask the NHS Saxon Ward Staff if could bring some cups for the slider draws from the lockable store room on the right side of the wall notice board list of patients though the answer being a no because of what is explained to be having to write on paperwork in the NHS Tameside Hospital Saxon Ward nurses office .

A Patient is given permission for 1 weeks leave though this patient has tragedy self harm issues & obviously needs greater care the healing on the patients neck is much better & her voice & eyes are a lot more chirpy I speak to this patient & wish her well & ten ask to reach outside possible practically kind charities for much better help I explain that local are the Anthony Seddon Trust & Making a Difference . The patient explains that her mobile internet phone has been damaged & so I give the name of a repair company in the town of Clayton of the name Trendy Mobiles that have been proven to be genuine, honest, competent & not very expensive . I ask the patient if wants her phone to be given help to make an internet computer search for the communication details for Trendy Mobiles .

Around 9-05 PM patient named phil was accompanied from 2 NHS Saxon Ward Staff that followed to the dining room area phil then says there is no toast though remaining is 2 metal foil trays with at least 7 sandwiches patient named phil then picks up these trays & throws this across the dining room that falls on the floor with the consequences being the sandwiches cant be eaten & have to be binned & wasted . 3 NHS Saxon Ward Staff watch these issues though 1 of the NHS Staff say to patient named phil there is no need for this patient named dinger speaks up & apologises to another patient who has had no toast & no sandwiches & explains that has provided some crisps & chocolate on the coffee table in the tv sofa area .

Patient named kieran asks patient named phil if would like a bag of crisps & patient named phil say would like smokey bacon flavour crisps at this time 2 NHS Saxon Ward Staff are sat outside of patient named phils bedroom door .

Patient named phil was given some sandwiches & toast for supper though was said to have thrown these in the corridor & pushed these into the laminated floor with agitated trainer footwear method against the floor .

Other patients spoke to amelia & explained had been cadging cigarettes from numerous patients without ever giving any in return there were additional issues of emotional / psychological abuse that included crying moods that then became shouts & hands demanding . The other problems were disturbing attitude to gifts of meals, toast, & very sad subjected distress to other patients with psychological nasty behaviour .

Monday . 12 Th September . 2016

At around 8-15 AM this day a slap was heard on an NHS Nurse moments later the matrix board was activated from the Saxon Ward Staff waist wireless key fob pendant then followed with a psychiatry chemical injection restraint with hold down issues for patient amelia

9-35 AM saw patient named phil walk into the dining area with 2 NHS Saxon Ward Staff and then tip a box of cornflakes on the laminated floor though then asks staff if could tidy from the floor who were 2 metres away patient phil said offensive comments & then goes back to his bedroom .

Alison from the NHS Pennine Care Foundation TRUST mental health spoke to patient dinger today at 11 AM though this appointment was made last Thursday though patient dinger spoke to Alison & clarified incarceration issues for a vast time span & then objected to the psychiatry drugs & that didn’t have a “ manic attack “ as described from psychiatry speak from a dr Christine Shaw .

Patient dinger explained that his wife had caused false accusations this meant a regular time line of detainment & life distress this time patient dinger had suffered 12 weeks of detainment with an accusation that patient dinger speaks to fast this is said from psychiatry speak to be supposedly “ cerebral mania “ else supposedly “ psychosis “ Patient dinger re explained to Alison that his voice was clear & at normal pace and that there was no problem ( though this is proven with a movie track at social media . Psychiatric Patients Speak Out ) though patient dinger said to alison that he had been employed in the military & therefore agility of thought & discipline were emergency characteristics because of the job .

Alison a social worker from the NHS Pennine Care Foundation TRUST agreed with patient dinger concerning his spoken voice being responsible though then said she was in a hurry & assured patient dinger that she would be there at dr Christine Shaws ward round this Thursday & would lobby strongly for patient dingers rights to be returned home to continue treatment if necessary .

Today saw a new patient being admitted named dave from Stalybridge who said he was 59 years though brought to the Saxon Ward at 2 AM on a Sunday . 11 Th September yesterday . Patient named dave struggled to explain that he had been grab detained without chance to bag clothing & hygiene products though explained he had suffered psychiatry methods for at least 3 years , I was sympathetic with patient named dave & said at least you should have been given a change of clothes & self care hygiene support . This is tragic & would cause very sad distress & asked patient named dave if I could help .

I’d got some leave time that day so passed dave from local shop cost cutters some 3 tubes of oral b toothpaste, 3 bottles of shower gel, I bottle of shampoo & 1 tin of gillette shaving foam there were safety razors at the Saxon Ward Store Room though sadly & being technically irresponsible are the difficult water shower , water basin & water toilet issues . The reason is these issues haven’t been given any help for at least 2 yrs - 3 yrs with responsible plumbing .

There are Saxon Ward supplies of packets of shower gel, shampoo, shaving gel though these are very difficult to open with struggling eye sight & having to gnaw with teeth avoiding leaking the hygiene chemicals on the face the design of these is silly & the packets are a mess & it’d be a lot sensible to install wall mounted strong topped up dispensers for hygiene care that would it’d be fast track & simple to keep clean without any the patient having any home care hygiene products .

NHS Saxon Ward Staff regular confiscate patients personal blade razors & rechargeable portable razors on a some occasions patients are demanded to have a supervised shave . Though also the very basic razors supplied from the Saxon Ward are technically irresponsible causing facial gashes then the patient has no option than to put tissue toilet paper on the face cuts that are bleeding . Whoever thought of purchasing should have made a purchase that was inexpensive though at least hygienically & ergonomically & technically responsible the patients detained have suffered enough distress as it is .

If a patient has enough time with a grab police detainment to bring in an electric razor there are no 2 pin shaver outlets in the bathroom this yet another additional distress that should have been that patient were making the decisions of the building with the architects . Problems can also be found with irresponsible stupid technological tough controlled metal circle discs that make no sense in any way in fact it would have better in the 5 century bc with roman plumbing issues than the mad idea to cause persistent distress with an intermittent variable bathroom water supply just to keep clean the patients have suffered enough .

Before around 12 AM patient named katy was seen from another patient near the entrance interlock area & was looking through the glass at her friend who was there to help in the member of the public reception area . Katy was clutching her home keys & was saying to another patient that she wanted to speak with her friend beyond the interlock doors . NHS Tameside . Saxon Ward . Staff denied patient katy this right & then other patients noticed katy in very upsetting weeping & breaking speech tones though have no idea if patient katys home keys were given to her friend .

At 3-40 PM . On a Monday  12 Th September . 2016 . Patient named phil was sat talking to 3 NHS Saxon Ward Staff at a table for some minutes . Though . Then walks towards another patient though puts a plastic cup of orange to her mouth the NHS Saxon Ward Staff ask patient named phi to stop & leave the patient alone . Patient named phil continues to talk with NHS Saxon Ward Staff at this table & then stands and lunges at patient named darren with his keys from his pocket . Darren is seated though moves out of the way very fast & laughs it off what patient named phil has done . Patient named darren explains that patient named phil spoke no words & there was no reason  for this lunging assault the NHS Saxon Ward Staff then ask patient named phil to leave the dining room area .

Patient named phil goes to his room & the NHS Saxon Ward Staff press the response alarm bring additional numbers of psychiatry staff then to the area  where patient named phil is asked to put a “ theorazadine “ tablet in his mouth else suffer a restraint psychiatry injection .

I get to speak with the NHS Tameside Hospital . Etherow . Saxon Ward Ward Manageress who is Rebecca Ratican to ask why it’s not possible to lock my bedroom door after a wait time since . Friday . 9 Th September . Rebecca asks for this question to be put to the House Manager named Dianne though I get chance to speak with Dianne who explains it should be repaired tommorrow that is a Tuesday . 13 Th September . I simply ask why the repair wasn’t reported to the hospital caretaker the specific day of the repair being noticed & that it was now a 3 days wait I found that no answer was given .

At 4-50 PM . On a Monday . 12 Th September I spoke with Rebecca Ratican the NHS Saxon Ward Manageress to ask why it was that a CCTV dome camera had not been installed in the Store Room similar to the one existing out side of the drug methods room that is used to watch the patient taking the psychiatric drugs . The answer from Rebecca Ratican was that supposedly didn’t want the NHS Tameside Hospital Saxon Ward to be similar to a prison & rejected the idea .  I persisted with explanation & struggled to clarify that patients & patients families had given gifts to try & help other patients & that these had been put in the store room & were not accountable though some had gone missing .

Speaking with Rebecca Ratican I said that there was receipts to prove purchased for help of patients with some distress issues & then given to NHS Saxon Ward Staff for care support . Though on a few occasions patients were denied these products to help & have said some of these products couldn’t be found in the store room . Patients had explained when they had asked the answer was denied to give any help .

At 6-25 PM . A Police Man & Police Woman  were outside of patient named phils bedroom as previously there were some banging noises to be heard inside of patient phils bedroom . The Policeman talked for some time through the narrow space of the door another 15 minutes later  another Police Man & Police Woman attended the . NHS Tameside Hospital . Saxon Ward though the Police Man was specifically was carrying a transparent riot plastic shield . NHS Saxon Staff named John got to patient named phils bedroom door with a tray & a yellow plastic needle disposing tub . During this time there was around 4 Police & 5 NHS Psychiatry Staff with also the Ward Manageress Rebecca Ratican outside of patient named phils door it was assumed the psychiatry chemical injection was subjected to patient phil with what the drug was called & what possible health issues happen later isn’t to be known . Patient phils bedroom is very much not observed from anyone except the Police & NHS Psychiatry Staff his family relative’s were also not possibly told clearly of the issues later on this evening patient named phil was walking around the Saxon Ward .

During the evening I had some money for the Saxon Ward payphone because a freephone isn’t available & there is no practical help of freecall skype with a computer else phone at around 10 PM I tried to make a telephone call from the payphone though after pushing in money for the slot of 50 pence my call was cut off within a few seconds & also there was no refund from the payphone eject tray . After a complaint to the Saxon Ward Staff no refund from the Nurses Office was given the conclusion is the NHS Tameside Hospital Saxon Ward payphone is an intermittent scam & worse for Patients with no mobile phone, else confiscated, else damage & else stolen .