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Monday . 12 Th September . 2016

That same evening patient named dinger explains his wahl electric adaptor razor has a cut power wire to the charger stand base though it wasn’t this way before patient dinger explains his room is very much not secure & it’s been vandalised when he wasn’t there to stop this . Patient dinger explains he would now have to figure out how to repair & ask’s NHS Saxon Ward Staff to lock his room though also makes sure he puts his Wahl Razor in his safe .

Patient named audrey had gashed her leg & there was some blood from the cut this however wasn’t severe & patient named audrey asks NHS Saxon Ward Staff Gaynor if could help though it’s said to audrey that can’t help because of being on a one to one & the other NHS Saxon Ward Staff then only decide to pass patient audrey a pack of plasters & a wipe then ask patient audrey to attend to her own injury . At the time of this there is a . DR . Ward Supervisor . & Nurse in the Staff Office that spend some time talking & reading paperwork .

Patient named dinger who explains has first aid training asks to help he is told from NHS Saxon Ward Staff to not help the result is that patient audrey then struggles with her own diy health care with the use of plaster & wipes .

Tuesday . 13 Th September . 2016

At around 9 AM after some considerable time wait the NHS Tameside Hospital joiner was fixing my bedroom door lock so that now I can spin the internal handle & lock the door so when locked from the room this stops any patients opening the door & also allow the NHS Saxon Ward Staff to lock the door from the corridor with their keys if I leave the room .

This very much simple repair had meant a wait of at least 4 days since being reported on the 9 Th September 2016 it was now the Tuesday . 13 Th September 2016 . Previously I had no choice than to put large bags at the back of this door when asleep with noisy balanced falling objects though also suffered no room security if I wasn’t in this room because NHS Saxon Ward Staff couldn’t lock this door .

Patient dinger at around 9 AM entrusted some dirty clothing for washing to patient amelia who had gladly eaten patient dingers crisps & was in a falsely pleasant mood . At about this time I asked a member of staff to open the laundry door so that would then be able to retrieve washing though found that the laundry was missing from this specific laundry room . I asked where patient dingers laundry could be this is answered from NHS Saxon Ward Staff Dawn with how am I supposed to know then walked away at fast pace though the patients don’t have the key for the laundry door & the only way the door is opened is from the NHS Saxon Ward Staff controlling the door lock & then speaking amongst themselves

At 11 AM patient named dinger was called to attend a talk with trainee psychiatrist Zoe as a part of dr Christine Shaw’s dept in the NHS Saxon Ward MDT 2 Room patient dinger explained the talk was the most definitive, rewarding  & intelligent spoken discussion within 12 weeks . Patient dinger quoted a line of conversation from trainee psychiatrist that was “ how come you are here “ Patient dinger explained would sooner have this psychiatrist than dr Christine Shaw because of trainee psychiatrists Zoe’s “ intuitiveness & professionalism “

Some while later patient katy who is a young self harming pregnant mother was standing in the que for the psychiatry drugs at the corridor treatment hatch door she was sadly in a poor physical & mental state patient dinger asks her what was wrong patient katy answers & says the psychiatry drugs prescribed had made her very ill all night with regular issues of vomiting, diarrhoea, dizziness & tiredness . Though patient katy is concerned very much with the medical consequences on her developing foetus that would eventually hopefully be a healthy baby .

Patient dinger explained to patient katy to speak with NHS Saxon Ward Staff Nurse Ruth who was dispensing the psychiatry drugs were not sensible & NHS Saxon Ward Staff Ruth agreed she shouldn’t take any more psychiatry drugs until patient katy had spoken to her psychiatrist on a Wednesday Ward Round . During that evening patient katy with stopping the psychiatry drugs was much improved compared to the horrendous suffering before . Though at lunchtime patient katy was given a meal that she had not ordered & was said to have been told from NHS Saxon Ward Staff yvonne & NHS Saxon Ward Staff dawn to eat what had been given .

Wednesday . 14 Th September . 2016

A new patient named michael was admitted in the early hours of the morning with what was explained to be a suicide attempt with paracetamol overdose & wrist lacerated caused from self harm . Patient named michael said that luckily he was found & then taken to the NHS Manchester Royal Infirmary ( M.R.I. ) then onto the main ward . Patient named michael began to clarify explaining that around 5 days ago he was held at knife point in Piccadilly Gardens from a group of  around 5 people who were friends of his sadly dodgy & toxic girlfriend who stole his internet mobile phone & his only remaining money with a death attempt demand . At present on the NHS Tameside Hospital Saxon Ward michael has only his home keys, clothing stood up in & no telephone contact details of friends who could visit with genuine help though also no money for the Saxon Ward payphone . Patient named michael also has no other change of clean clothes & no sensible hygiene products . At that time breakfast cereals were available for patients & I handed patient named michael a carton of orange &  said I would try & help .

It took at least around 1 hour to bring from the 15 minutes walk away Tesco’s mini market on the mossley road ashton under lyne some hygiene supplies that were 2 packs of toothpaste, 1 toothbrush, 1 bottle of shampoo, 1 bottle of shower gel, 1 tin if shaving gel& a tin of deodorant .

These very much basic hygiene products were handed to patient named michael in a carrier bag in the specific dining / visitors area & then patient michael said these were confiscated & put in the NHS Saxon Ward Staff controlled Store Room where other numerous patient possessions that have been said to go missing with nothing than fobb offs & excuses from the NHS Saxon Ward Staff .

NHS Saxon Ward staff then wanted to get involved though obviously ignored the health distress & NHS Saxon Ward Staff Bina said that I shouldn’t have got these things for patient named michael & then attempted to say that the NHS Saxon Ward Store Room has supposedly responsible hygiene products for patients . I explained after a closer inspection of what had been given to patients from what the NHS Saxon Ward Clerk maureen had decided to order for patients that were a child's toothbrushes with poor bristles, unsealed & without a metal foil tab tubes of sagem toothpaste that were small capacity, difficult to open with teeth shaving gel, shower gel,  shampoo, & the cheapest of razors that causes facial cuts needing bits of toilet paper fragments to be fixed to face bleeds .

I explained that installing tough & responsible long life bathroom topped up dispensers would have been a lot more cost effective & patient sensible though my comments were ignored with the NHS Saxon Ward Clerk maureen & NHS  Saxon Ward Manageress Rebecca Ratican having a final say .

Patient bernie was spotted from other patients sat in the corridor saying to patients was suffering a migraine attack because of was clarified that NHS Saxon Ward Staff were refusing to give beta blockers that's explained to medically  help with high blood pressure . Patients speaking to patient bernie noticed medical distress this includes medical issues of cardial infarcation ( heart attack ) else internal bleeding if doesn’t get prescribed beta blockers . It seems also that NHS Saxon Ward Staff are without a first aid training & therefore don’t know how to cope with a patient emergency .

Patient name katy was in obvious much better health after stopping the damaging psychiatry drugs that were demanded to be taken at night & early morning . This morning I spoke to psychiatrist dr Christine Shaw that agreed the best place to be was at home & therefore patient katy is leaving at 6 PM today from the Saxon Ward . Patient said would be staying at a friends then moving to her home on a Thursday & collecting her pet dog from the R.S.P.C.A.

At around 4-20 PM . Patient michael was given his hygiene products from the store room a reason for the earlier confiscation wasn’t given . Michael now has to ask the Saxon Ward Staff every time he wants his hygiene products from the locked store room .

Patient dinger today spoke to patient katy who had a detailed conversation & explained of living in a dysfunctional area with some anti social neighbours . Patient katy said that her x boyfriend had threatened sadistic horror violence to her child son & patient katy if their was any attempt to to bring katys child from a social services home .

Around 9-40 PM patient michael explained more of the decided distress issues & began to explain that he didn’t know his girlfriend was devious with dangerous tricks though continued to say his girlfriend demanded gifts continually & michaels job could not support this . This lead up to a deceitful death attempt from his girlfriend & corrupt friends & was said to be that his girlfriend asked for £ 20 that was rejected from michael then his girlfriend asked to meet michael in a Piccadilly gardens in the centre of Manchester from his dangerous girlfriend that was then an opportunity for his girlfriend to restrain ambush michael with the help of the dodgy friends where it was said that a knife was put to michaels throat with the help of a limit of 6 dodgy people including his supposed girl friend then a verbal death attempt demand is said where michael is told to give his girlfriend his only possessions being an internet mobile phone & what money michael had got .

Sadly there was no helpful conclusion michael said he as interviewed from greater Manchester police with a limit of 4 am in the dark hours of the morning with no trace of his money, no trace of his internet mobile phone & no criminal injuries compensation michael was then suffering greater because the police help didn’t become available it was a waste of time & caused life difficulties .

That day very much early after suffering this extreme distress patient michael attended work though he had been put though hell & that evening attempted to very much sadly take his own life with stupidly swallowing paracetamol then staggered to a bridge area where poor & kind hearted michael tried to stop his own valuable life with a stupid & silly attempt at lacerating his own wrists though as always the Great British Public comes to the rescue & Saved a Life that Day michael was then on the way to the Manchester royal infirmary ( M.R.I. ) onto the medical assessment unit then a transfer to NHS Tameside Hospital Saxon Ward .

The patients hearing patient michaels story then gave what help they could with gifts of biscuits, cordial drinks & valuable words of wisdom from x military employed  patients & home carer’s as well plus a website link for a trauma domestic abuse charity was given to patient michael & I asked if would want his laptop computer keyboard repairing though also patient michael was given internet communication for his laptop computer with a gift of a 4 G Internet Mobile Network Adaptor .

Though as well mental health patient friendly website resources & communication details to reach me if wanted any help I could relay these were saved on the laptop computer website browser favourites field .

Patient katy after a number of days waiting was handed her mobile phone charger at around noon on a Wednesday 14 Th September that was found in the Saxon Ward Store Room when before it was said from Staff to be missing patient katy was then very happy & now was able to charge her mobile phone .

Thursday . 15 Th September . 2016

An elderly patient named eddie spoke in the tv sofa area to other patients explaining that he was visited from NHS Pennine Care Foundation TRUST Social Workers at his home address with no sign on the street of any ambulances & police vehicles . Patient eddie said he was asked to get in the social workers car & then be brought to the NHS Tameside Hospital psychiatry Saxon Ward with conversations on the Saxon Ward it seems that patient eddie had a NHS restrictive & poor chances life existence . Though these very much backward steps & degraded life problems are common in the borough of Tameside & also throughout the UK .

The quality of life experienced years ago that people enjoyed being that of money earning wages capability, family life & pristine secure homes, & no interference from any such services as NHS social workers, Police, Housing lock drillers & door / window boarding staff . Is no longer the Life Stories of People today with a total shift with how modern times are though it’s very sad & people at the hand’s of NHS psychiatry suffer horrendous lives .


Patient katy  explained to patients listening that her mobile phone charger had gone missing from the NHS Saxon Ward Store Room this afternoon though katy asked yet again at 9 PM if it was to be found in the Store Room though it was said from the NHS Saxon Ward Staff that it wasn’t in the Store Room . Though also patient kieran was told from the NHS Saxon Ward Staff that his electric cord razor was also missing from the Store Room & that NHS Saxon Ward Staff couldn’t pass this to patient name keiran at this time he was annoyed & asked for an explanation though no answer was given responsibly .

Today patient named phil that had yesterday Police & NHS Psychiatry restraint was no longer on the Saxon Ward & had been moved to another institution no patient was given any other details these were simply not explained .

Patient named phils room was now being given to new patient admission named michael

Around 9-15 AM patient named amelia was seen from other patients tipping milk down the kitchen sink the consequence is that there is no remaining milk in the fridge with no lock . Patients are now have no choice than to ask NHS Saxon Ward psychiatry Staff in their Office for some Milk at 3-50 PM I had to carry a plastic cup with no insulation to the Staff Office whilst pushing the spring loaded kitchen door to only simply put milk in a plastic cup . Some while later I carried this to the MDT Room 2 that has a payphone & a wall panel tv with a missing remote control where another patient was in proximity & then sneezed into my freshly made tea I had to carry to the kitchen then pour down the sink a wasted cup of tea .

Most of the patients don't have any leave time being that detainment is the problem & because I had got leave I brought back from the 10 minutes walk way cost cutters mini supermarket some cigarettes for patient named chris with a receipt & change of metal coins though also 3 carton of ribena & receipt & change of metal coins for patient named mark .

The patients have to use a metal coin payphone if they don’t have a mobile phone & also if their mobile phones have been confiscated else damages else stolen . At that time the payphone was damaged with a cut cable connector cord at 3-55 PM though was reported to NHS Tameside Hospital psychiatry Saxon Ward Staff noon yesterday the Friday . 23 Rd . September . 2016 . Though to replace such a cord would technically be possible within a few minutes & in the borough of Tameside there are a vast list of telecom's companies only minutes travel distance away from NHS Tameside Hospital . It was explained that the only choice of NHS Tameside Hospital maintenance repairs & NHS Saxon Ward Staff clarified it could possibly take at least 1 week to repair with replacing the cord .

Patient named amel explained a few days ago that his room electric sockets were without any power source for a week though now explained that today he had power to the room sockets . Numerous patients have said the issues of mobile phone chargers else laptop chargers becoming electronically damaged from the room sockets & then a wait of at least a week else a lot of additional wait time .

The weekend being a Saturday the 10 Th September 2016 I was given a total of 1 hour leave from the detainment institution the NHS Tameside Hospital psychiatry Saxon Ward with this very much reduced time span I made a journey to the cost cutter mini supermarket that as explained is around a 10 minutes walk distance I purchased for patient named chris a pack of 20 embassy filter cigarettes who kindly helped long suffering patient gary humpries though also for patient named carol I purchased 3 large packs of bulky choc biscuits who sadly had life tragedy of anorexia weight loss .

Around the evening verbal insults sadly continued from patient named phil to patient named audrey & patient named jane this was where patient named phil said infront of patient named darren & patient named kieran some rather vulgar conversation against patient named audrey . Patient named darren & patient named kieran had words with patient named phil to ask would correct the language .

At around 10-45 PM Saturday 10 Th September 2016 patient named phil was spotted from patient named dinger to use hand gestures that were sadly offensive against the dining are panel window against patient named dinger . However patient named dinger is a black belt martial arts instructor & had obvious capability to break blocks of wood though looked boiling with rage that then changed to a cool expression with great British public restraint .

An issue meant that the NHS Tameside Hospital psychiatry Saxon Ward Staff explained that a room & corridor lock down was in use at round 11-10 PM Saturday 10 Th September 2016 though at around 11-30 PM the lock down was reduced for a patients smoke break for the meshed bridge garden area enclosure where patients made friendly talk .

At the end of September & after a considerable wait time I was given some help from NHS Tameside Hospital Saxon Ward psychiatry Staff for the control of the bedroom safe though there was no logical room preparation before admission such that you would find in a responsible hotel with a maintenance check & a greeting brochure leaflet & hygiene pack otherwise bathroom dispensers available for health care .

Saturday . 24 Th September . 2016

A number of patients seemed to sadly struggle with various same issues of health problems such as headache vomiting & unstable standing the patient named katy was yet again vomiting in her bedroom & also on the concrete floor in the meshed bridge garden enclosure . Katy had not eaten any proper breakfast, dinner or tea then also found that she had no hunger for food when asked . The NHS Tameside Hospital Saxon Ward psychiatry staff explain to katy that supposedly the reason is said to be anxiety & smoking though most of these staff are not even qualified at even basic first aid though a few others explain its a direct cause of the psychiatry drug injection & psychiatry restraint injection .

When patient katy suffered a vomiting attack I asked if the least I could do was to rub her back though katy also struggled to speak & her voice was quiet with volume & the explanation with what was suffered was missing .

Patients on a Saturday 24 Th September spoke to NHS Tameside Hospital psychiatry Saxon Ward Staff to explain their meals were not given after a wait from the two NHS Saxon Ward dispensing meal cart Staff a few patients then have to resort to going to their rooms in order to find if any possible crisps else chocolate otherwise there is nothing to eat .

There was also a problem later in the evening for snack’s of no toast being made available because NHS Saxon Ward Staff said there was no loaves of bread however there was 2 trays of sandwiches put on the dining area tables . Though sadly also patient named audrey explained the loaf wasn’t checked & explained there was mould on the bread that was put in the bin near the right side door entrance frame in the dining area .

Monday . 26 Th September . 2016

At 12-40 AM I asked the NHS Tameside Hospital psychiatry Saxon Ward Staff for some bathroom towels that are located usually in the corridor lockable cupboard on shelves . I was told there was nothing there & that the House Officer ( care taker ) dianne was not in work that day that has a job description to stock this lockable hallway cupboard & also the Saxon Ward Clerk maureen wasn’t also in work that day in order for any outside postal letters else parcels to be delivered for detained patients .

Patient named dinger was at that time waiting for an internet purchased mobile phone battery because the present battery was technically exhausted & therefore the power would shutdown on his mobile phone within some minutes even though given a charge time span . Patients asked if there would be any towels in this lockable hallway cupboard & NHS Saxon Ward psychiatry Staff member dawn said there could be a possible delivery of towels that day though didn’t know if there was .