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Friday . 16 Th September . 2016

Woke very soon then made some breakfast though there was no polystyrene cups in the kitchen for a hot tea drink I asked one of the NHS Agency Staff who was sat looking though the dining / visitor area window into the corridor this NHS Agency Staff member spoke with very much a slurred mutter with no idea of what was said I then had to re say the patient instruction it is then the NHS Agency Staff speaks with a much clearer voice & so that I can hear though explains is on a one to one with patient amelia .

I ask this NHS Agency Staff to bring some polystyrene cups to the kitchen though is then found to pace the corridor floors & areas whilst holding a large bulk file with the words “ observation “ though for some weird & difficult reason has the same word that’s “ observation “ typed 5 times as though it can’t be read the first time & as though the font print isn’t big and clear to read . This NHS Agency Staff then continues carrying & writing a few details in this file named . Observation . Though paces yet more laminated floor areas this goes on for at least 15 minutes after a wait & failing to act fast & responsible the NHS Agency Staff then manages to unlock the NHS Saxon Ward Store Room with a key chain around his waist belt with the pocket of his pants containing a bunch of Ward Keys . Though after these difficulties then decides to bring 2 small packs of plastic cups from the NHS Saxon Ward Store Room that would be a problem for patients making hot drinks & then puts these in the under counter slider draws with no locks .

Patient amelia is draped in bed sheets & walks around the corridors when I am in one area of the Saxon Ward making a payphone call & trying to no get scammed from this that is faulty for some while I hear patient amelia shouting when I get to speak with patient amelia I ask if would want to freshen up .

Around a 11-15 AM . NHS Saxon Ward Staff deputy ward manageress Yazmin asked me to speak about the solicitors letter posted to the NHS Saxon Ward concerning possible stolen patient property from the . NHS Tameside Hospital . Etherow . Saxon Ward . Store Room . That is lock key controlled from the NHS Saxon Ward Staff & also concerning possible stolen patient property from the Patient single bedroom / bathroom . I was shown the  gift of a boots the chemist carrying bag with no purchased order list to check what was supposed to be there in this bag that were somewhat struggling efforts made a few months ago .

The explanation from the . NHS Tameside Hospital . Etherow . Saxon Ward . Deputy Manager . Yazmin . Is that supposedly that every item in the patient room & what the patient is stood up in is accountable in the Patient Property Book this simply isn’t accurate & if it was this doesn’t explain another issue of very much dodgy ward fixtures that allow patient possessions to be stolen & damaged . There is also another issue of terms & conditions of an NHS message that is named a “ disclaimer notice “ that explains there is no NHS Hospital compensation for patient restraint detainment loss of property else damage to property . Though also with home insurance terms & conditions other loss & suffering happen’s with for some home insurance policies the problem being no financial compensation for home loss and damage after a 30 day’s time span of the home insurance policy holder not living at home .

Another patient moved & then disappeared from trace of other patients named mark oehme didn’t have his Birthday Gifts given to him when he was moved from NHS Saxon Ward Staff because there in this Saxon Ward Store Room is a boots the chemist carrying bag that were mark oehme birthday gift’s for some difficult reason mark had been denied his few poor possessions that was a bluetooth linked mobile phone speaker, bluetooth sports ear band stereo headset, a wireless bluetooth microphone operators headset, & a safety protector electric plug socket charger for a mobile phone / speaker / headset .

A stainless steel henley wrist watch that was a gift from my Mother had also gone missing when . NHS Saxon Ward Staff had control of my bedroom door & then moved what few possessions to another . NHS Saxon Ward Store Room . That is on the left side of the kitchen door in the corridor that contains also a wash basin, disabled bath & vertical wall units . There is also no responsible fixtures in the patient single . Bedroom / bathroom . Areas with issues such as this even within the bedroom vertical wall unit of a faulty else poorly maintained digital safe prone to a somewhat vast list of problems .

It seems that the bedroom / bathroom are not in any way responsibly checked before a patient is admitted & that stupid design issues such as an idea with not deciding to install a traditional tap on the sink otherwise a mechanical plunger & responsible shower curtain & shower tray & the install of a toilet handle this is sensible with continual reliability these building architect ideas were not given in fact before the . NHS Tameside Hospital . Etherow . Saxon Ward was built with asking at least if patients & families could have at least a say with how these institutions to house there loved ones & relatives are built was obviously not considered & given . The NHS Tameside Hospital . Etherow . Saxon Wards & other institutions similar are a somewhat a violation of human rights because of the public having no say .

Patient dinger explained speaking to patient tracy who had eventually been given permission to leave around 1 week ago though greater details were given from patient dinger describing patient tracy finding possessions missing from her bedroom handbag though also at that time was a multiple NHS Staff assault restraint then a psychiatry needle injection . Patient dinger also clarified with a conversation with patient tracy that the Patient Property Listing Book had torn pages that would hide property that was said from patient tracy to have been stolen .

There is no public say with how these . NHS psychiatry institutions operate & also if patient suffer loss & harm there is also no fast track genuine health care & fast track financial compensation for stolen & vandalised property it’s very much irresponsible with no obvious accountability .

This day was possibly the worse for patient dinger though went for a cigarette break in the fenced area garden at 3-30 PM that finished at 3-45 PM . It was then NHS Saxon Ward Deputy Ward Manageress Yazmin came into the fenced garden & asked patient dinger to leave the garden & to join NHS Staff Yazmin & NHS Staff Rabi in the corridoor & there patient dinger was spoken to from psychiatrist dr . Felicity Brain though some while after NHS Saxon Staff Yazmin led patient dinger to his patient bedroom & said to patient dinger that it would be better to talk there .

Patient dinger then went into his patient bedroom followed through this door from NHS Saxon Staff Yazmin & NHS Tameside Psychiatry Security Robert there it was that NHS Saxon Ward Staff Yazmin said to patient dinger that the psychiatrist . Dr . Christine Shaw . Had given the NHS Saxon Ward Staff instructions if needed to be restrained from overwhelming NHS Saxon Ward Staff . NHS Tameside Hospital Security & possibly the local Greater Manchester Police to be demanded for having a psychiatry chemical needle injection .

A clarification of the issues was given from patient dinger re explaining what his local GP DR had said & that is the psychiatry drugs were not needed though because of the severity of distress at this time patient dinger asked for psychiatry tablets instead . The overwhelming multiple staff vehemently refused this .  

It was said that the psychiatry chemical needle injection must go ahead at this time a rough head count of Staff in patient dingers bedroom & directly outside of his patient bedroom door was at least 15 staff this also included some NHS psychiatry staff & at least 4 police men patient dinger then explained very much sadly that the NHS psychiatry chemical injections into his buttocks were of the names ( LORAZEPAM . 2 mg . Milligrams ) & ( FLUPENTIXOL DECANOTE . pst1xol . 10 mg . Milligrams )

Patient dinger was told from . NHS Tameside Hospital . Psychiatry Security Manager . Robert . to lye down on top of the patient bed though patient dinger explained this was uncomfortable because of pain in his untreated knees & also explained was a pre lumbar spine injury . Patient dinger lowered his pants because of an NHS psychiatry order & said very much sadly for NHS Saxon Ward Staff to “ get on with it “ At this time patient dinger was psychiatry chemically needle injected twice . Patient dinger then re adjusted his clothing then the NHS Saxon Ward Psychiatry Staff told patient dinger to wait at least 10 minutes though within around a few minutes of this method patient dinger explains that his legs were weak & trembling also patient dingers stance balance, speech, & co ordination became affected also explained was that he felt similar to being drunk .

It was also clarified that patient dingers blood pressure, pulse, & temperature check a number of times & readings were abnormal these medical checks were carried out from NHS Saxon Staff John soon after patient dinger made his way to the dining / visitors area in order to somewhat calm down at the time of around 10-30 PM walked to the drug treatment area hatch door near the door interlock to be given a demand to take the psychiatry drug ( DISOPROLXL . 2.5 mg . Milligrams ) though for his high blood pressure was given ( OMIEPRAZOLE ) for dyspepsia that’s for heart burn .

Already at this time feeling the effects of the psychiatry chemical needle injection stood at this drug treatment hatch door patient dinger asked for the alteration of the NHS Medical Records to at least be accurate with writing that he was given regular doses of ( IBUPROFEN ) & not as written said to be paracetamol with an explanation that his body suffers some contra indications of medical distress though a responsible & genuine medical check up would be most helpful .

At this time & before this possible ugly assault patient dinger . WASN’T . Given ANY rights of what is legally said to be “ informed consent “ in other words patient dinger if in the USA would have been able to object to this & if he would have been assaulted then have been able to legally prosecute & seek financial compensation for both assault & psychiatry health damage against the Staff .