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Tuesday . 6 Th September . 2016

Then the NHS psychiatric Saxon Ward staff said that I was supposedly been abusive to my local constituency MP Angela Rayner though this wasn’t accurate because of being explained to be in London on ministerial duties though I’d asked if time was permitting to visit members of the public detained to NHS psychiatric Saxon Ward .

Thursday . 8 Th September . 2016

With limited NHS Tameside Hospital psychiatry Saxon Ward leave time on a Thursday 8 Th September 2016 I purchased 1.5 litres large bottles of lucozade, fanta & coke from the NHS Tameside Hospital Hartshead South Area somewhat expensive Amigo shop that were brought to the Saxon Ward & then put on the tables near the visitor / dining area doorway . I explained to patients for to help yourselves though don’t waste what was given to help for a psychiatry institution that was sad & dysfunctional for the members of the public suffering a somewhat vast list of human rights abuses .

After telephoning the Tameside Hospital pharmacy & asking for clarification that flixonaise nasule capsules would be delivered to NHS psychiatric Saxon Ward I was told that my  mobile phone would be confiscated the reason given was that I was supposedly said to have been offensive with a telephone call to pharmacy . Later that day I was sat in the MDT 2 Room that is halfway on the left side of the corridor facing the exit door that is locked NHS Saxon Ward staff came into this room & said my mobile phone would have to be confiscated NHS psychiatric staff re speaked the conversation with a demand to ask where my mobile phone is . I fobbed staff though this didn’t help as the NHS psychiatric saxon ward staff then said that my mobile phone had got confiscated that day I was asked to sign a NHS hospital disclaimer notice / receipt to say that it had been locked in a box at the Buckton Cash Office at Tameside Hospital . Ashton Under Lyne .

I explained my internet mobile phone was a lifeline because of link to home security, bank account help, asda internet deliveries, link to volunteer social media facebook & twitter accounts though I’d already paid for skype call credit and 4 weeks internet data, call credit and text credit that was £ 25 .

NHS psychiatric saxon ward staff were not bothered if I’d paid for 4 weeks time span of credit, vulnerabilities of home security, being unable to post to social media, & being unable to check my bank account for possible scam issues .

It was explained that I am to use the coin payphone that has been found to not only scam patients with loss of a £ 1 coin with no call to be made, though also reduced time span for multiple coins and expensive costs . Though if I have no remaining metal coins I am then unable to telephone for any possible help . During the explanation from NHS psychiatric saxon ward staff I said that at NHS buckinghampshire patients have the use of free call skype with family help . There is no such facility at NHS psychiatric saxon ward such that above the corridors on the ceiling are WIFI wireless internet and network connections this is displayed on a mobile phone internet WIFI scan . Though noticed is no medically linked internet kit and no public service internet help .

NHS Tameside Hospital Managers & Committee Members have discussed & written reports to do with Tameside Hospital Information technology though in reality sadly for patients are no visible and obvious progress issues as with the USA & New Zealand that is explained to me where patients have the help of security filtered WIFI for Patient areas that allow for WIFI capable laptops, pads, mobile phone to be brought for the past 7 years and greater .

Other patients were admitted at this time 1 patient was sadly found to have issue of being subjected to horrendous health damage & obviously because of this had tragic behaviour that was totally realised wasn’t in any way the patients fault . The heartbreaking issues would be that the patient was observed to be in a trance facial mode with eyes looking at other patients intermittently .

There was no expression of emotion and sadly appeared to be somewhat zombified the patients jaw and lips would be visibly moving variably without any reason & with no spoken words . This is said from research to be caused from psychiatric drugs, psychiatric injections & has been explained to be patient iatrogenic health damage that has a medical name being “ tardive dysconesia “ This is said to affect the elderly after years of psychiatric abuse the health damaged patient also paced very slowly with no characteristic sense and then stood still upright in the Saxon Ward dining room & visitors area & then without any control urinated continually for a several minutes leaving then a urine puddle on the laminated floor that was around one and a half metres times one metre .

The patient was in a muted trance & facially without any animation & was without sense to what was not within the patients control this distressed behaviour condition was around 4 minutes time span as the other patients and staff didn’t understand why this had happened & were concerned . That day during the time span the patient didn’t speak & was in a very sad way in a trance dysfunctional condition . NHS Saxon Ward Nurse Staff struggled to get any response where the patient was asked to freshen up with a shower and clean clothes . Though this wasn’t recognised & the muted health degradation and zombified issues continued with the patient being unable to understand & do anything to stop this .

One day later the suffering patient wanted to make a brew in the kitchen though the same health degradation issues were without control as this very poor patient stood upright & urinated on the kitchen floor around a few minutes time span there was no sensed emotion & no spoken words the very poorly patient simply looked emotionless . Patients didn’t understand the issues clearly & only watched what was happening .

After a few days the patient restored some of his senses & the very much heartbreaking issues were explained that weren’t described at that time these being that years ago the patient was employed a Social Worker & had suffered an attack from a client where it was explained had been pushed into a plate glass window with health damage at a limit that meant having to go for brain surgery . Though for years after this was a revolving door psychiatric patient with possible other issues of life distress .

Another patient was admitted to Tameside Hospital Saxon Psychiatric Ward who said to others his name patrick & was either born or had lived in poland though now lives in the UK . This patient explained was a sound engineer for music production & had passed with credits a College Course . Patrick has a polish english accent & this was an issue from a patient named Phil who somehow had sneaked a cutlery fork into his clothing & tried to attack Patrick with this though Patrick reactions were good and he stopped any damage to his health he then locked his self in his bedroom area because of having an internal catch and made shouts for NHS Saxon Ward Staff soon after patient named Phils bedroom area was searched from Tameside Hospital Saxon Ward Staff that eventually found the fork what was said to be under patient named phils bedding  .

Some while later NHS Saxon Ward Staff pressed the wireless belt pendant alarm that activated the Matrix Panel & area location corridor ceiling indicator lights this was to bring the response team in numbers to the area . There in patient phils bedroom NHS Saxon Ward Staff restrained patient named phil & then injected a psychiatric chemical into his bottom these now seem to be regular methods with responding to any unwanted patient behaviour even though it didn’t stop any hostile behaviour & problems found later .

That same day patient named patrick was almost in fear for his life & would hyper move when patient named phil was near the other patients spoke to each other & wanted patient named phil to be moved onto another ward the distressed behaviour from patient named phil meant that uttered swear words were spoken to other patients that had not provoked patient named phil . That evening located to the clinic room & near the hatch there was a skirmish from patient named phil to patient named audrey & because of this was in somewhat distress on the floor with patient named phil tugging, shouting & knocking patient audrey . After this issue patient named lewis was said from other patients to have been spoken to offensively & had his soft comforter toys grabbed from his hands & arms from patient named phil . Patient named lewis then flipped patient named phil to the floor with some what a bang as the area was laminated flooring .

NHS Saxon Ward Staff then explain to patients at this location that there is to be a lock down where the effect of this is that patients have to stay in the bedroom areas & other adjoining doors on the corridor are locked with NHS Saxon Ward Staff keys the time of the lock down is around a few hours until supper time .

After the Saxon Ward lock down the response team is summoned to attend from other psychiatric wards in the near area & all of the numbers of NHS Psychiatric Staff are gathered outside of patient named phils bedroom area . The dark blue uniform nurse manager then unlocks the clinic room and carries from this a yellow tub & is used to dispose of the one time needle & also carries a grey tray with a psychiatric chemical injection needle that is intended from the nurse manager to be for patient named phil . NHS Saxon Ward Staff & also other NHS Psychiatric Staff heavily outnumber patient named phil & go into his bedroom where possible restraint is used to push the needle into the patient named phils bottom & as explained this is now the regular method compared to what psychiatric issues were years ago .

This method can’t be stopped & after this the NHS Saxon Ward lock down is now somewhat back to normal the patients can then move around with somewhat greater freedom to the kitchen, dining room, visitor area, & tv area . Though there is no door lock release at the

mdt 2 room and the ladies room .

That evening patient named brian seems to have suffered somewhat psychiatric health degradation & I haven’t spotted at least for years being able to smile or even laugh was raising his voice to temp agency staff brought into Saxon Ward because of Staffing issues . Brian was spotted to have not assaulted the agency staff though his body language was of a conflict stance with being hostile . Patient named brian is around 50 years old & has been a member of the public restrained from NHS psychiatry for this time his day expression is that of being almost annoyed & very miserable with no emotion at nearly all the time being unable to smile or attempt to laugh . Patient brians clothing is worn & not hygienic these problems could be caused with lack of outside leave to purchase any replacement clothing & being unable to purchase any hygiene products . Patient named brian has obesity issues for what has been explained to be years of psychiatric drug side effects & moves with zombified agility .

NHS Saxon Ward Staff grapple patient named brian to the laminated corridor floor in between the kitchen door and dining / visitors area door the effect of this is that brian is defenceless and drops to the floor as NHS Saxon Ward Staff member John clasp his head with hands and NHS Saxon Ward Staff Jules hold his arms and wrists down . NHS Saxon Ward Staff Jodie had already got the usual yellow tub & tray with the psychiatric chemical needle . Other response team NHS Psychiatric Staff stand & watch patient named brian that is very much powerless as his clothing is lowered and the psychiatric needle on the tray is then pushed into patient named brians bottom . This psychiatric issue is then over and NHS Saxon Ward Staff then tell patient named brian to go to his bedroom . The NHS psychiatric response team staff then go back to the other psychiatric wards & the NHS Saxon Ward psychiatric staff then do other commitment issues .

As this alteration of psychiatric methods happens there doesn’t seem to be any genuine health checks patients are not told of the possible problems of the psychiatric needle injection & the only observed issues are patients being variably mute with emotion & prone to unprovoked violence that has been explained to be a consequence of the psychiatric drugs & psychiatric injections . Comprehensive medical examination is very much seriously missing & it seems the NHS Saxon Ward Staff are subjecting patients to totally basic health checks that are not going to detect any serious issues . It seems as though the patients health is dormant with damage & medical testing kit is somewhat not specific and irresponsible .

Patient named darren reported that his internet mobile phone had gone missing from his bedroom this was later explained that patient named phil had taken this and was found from NHS Saxon Ward Staff in his bedroom though it was given to patient named darren when found . Soon after patient named darren installed a tracker app for his internet mobile phone & was given the control of his bedroom safe with NHS Saxon Ward Staff locking patient named darrens door at intervals .

A day after patient named darren was trying to stop patient named phil from pushing his way into his bedroom because he was having to rely on NHS Saxon Ward Staff to lock his bedroom door if was not attended other patients explained there was issues of patient named phil on a theft patrol & because of this there was vulnerability with possible loss and damage . Other patients begin to speak about the issues of patient named Phils theft patrol & then start to ask NHS Tameside Hospital . Saxon Ward Staff to lock there bedroom doors at intervals the Patients are living then with even yet greater distress .