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Saturday . 20 Th August . 2016

On the day of my Birthday I purchased some small cakes & milk from the Katherine Street Premier Shop in Ashton Under Lyne I noticed parked outside was a police traffic control car with the arrow signs flashing left on the facing rear windscreen . I took the very basic supplies home and outside my rented housing home was a M & Y Housing Transit type vehicle with the driver sat in the cab . At around 8-15 PM . On the Saturday . 20 Th August 2016 . Police were shouting in the communal hallway asking me to open my home front door I don’t know how they had got into the hallway as the communal door was locked .

At this time soon after the home front door was noisy with the sound of a SDS Drill being pushed into to lock a few moments after a Police Man of the name . PC Hughes stepped into the lounge then said an Arrest Warrant has been issued to be detained . I said it’s been explained to me the . Mental Health Act 1983 . Is against the International Human Rights Laws, the Nuremberg Code & the Montgomery Ruling with a patients right of informed consent .

At this time a few moments later 2 other Police Men stepped into the Lounge at this moment I was drinking tea from a mug though had then been pushed to the floor with the mug flying across the lounge floor & tipping the tea on the carpet . I was then on the floor carpet with a scuff on my left hand wrist the Police Man . PC Hughes then said that I didn’t walk out from the lounge living area I would be subjected to having my arms and legs fastened with restraint’s .

A few moments some one else who said he was from Tameside Council though had got a plastic lapel name badge stepped in the lounge at that time I was facing 3 Police men and a Tameside Council Official I then had no choice than to go outside to the waiting Police Transit Vehicle . PC Hughes then asked have you got anything in your pockets to which my mobile phone was lifted out and dropped on the street roadway & then confiscated in the police cab of the transit vehicle . Around 30 minutes - 40 minutes later I was brought to the Saxon Ward . Etherow at Tameside Hospital . Ashton Under Lyne .

At the home address under the grill was fish and chips that I had not eaten on my Birthday that day because of detainment and was later found to be mouldy with green residue & insects . Though also found was a washing basket of clothing & textiles that had also gone mouldy and smelling .

The same day as my Birthday Saxon Ward Staff had provided a black forest gateau that was shared with all of the Patients I helped to carry some of the side plates from the Staff Canteen / Kitchen .

Tuesday . 6 Th September . 2016

There was a Psychiatrists Ward Round on a Tuesday 6 Th September 2016 I was given 2 weeks home leave that was taken on a Wednesday 7 Th September 2016 with the time given & eventually after somewhat admin madness I was given the new home front door lock keys & money from the Buckton Cash Office . The only option with the time being reduced was to pay for an expensive taxi home because of not having my bus pass & the problem of traditional bus transport only attending the bus stop outside the Etherow & Saxon Ward after a 30 minutes to 1 hour interval & for some difficult reason the same bus number going to different destinations though other issues could be the bus not following the bus stop time table because of driver difficulties & road variable problems .

When I eventually got home I telephoned the home possessions storage facility to make a payment if I wouldn’t have been given leave to get home at the Psychiatrists Ward Round on a Tuesday 6 Th September 2016 and if I wasn’t given the new lock home front door keys I couldn’t have then made a payment for possessions in storage & thus with the Terms & Conditions of the storage facility I would have been told my possessions had been taken with an estimated financial loss of around £ 1,500 for most of the possessions were family gifts at Christmas and Birthdays . Also I returned borrowed money to friend from Ashton that was £ 75 from 6 weeks ago though including a bonus gift of £ 10 that I couldn’t pay any sooner with being detained at home then taken to the local Tameside Hospital Psychiatric Ward on the Saturday 20 Th August 2016 . Though because it was a late payment refund I have been told is no longer going to answer any communications & refuse to help in future .  

When I was grab detained at home address I wasn’t passed any support possessions such as optical glasses, case, coat, visa card, mobile phone charger, reasonable hygiene products and clean clothing . The psychiatric nursing staff and psychiatrist could obviously notice that I was without my optical glasses, case, clean clothing's & did nothing to help such as liasing with the NHS Pennince Care Psychiatric Social Worker Susan Banville who was said from the NHS Pennine Care Stamford Street Office in Ashton Under Lyne to be on leave . For days at the Saxon Ward I walked around in dirty clothing and became unhygienic because of loss of support & being stranded . My internet mobile phone had dwindling power & before there was no life left I eventually managed to have delivered from Asda some shopping to the Saxon Ward that was 2 inexpensive bottles of shower gel, 2 tins of deodorant, 1 toothbrush, 1 tube of aqua fresh .

Though for another stranded in distress elderly patient from Runcorn Liverpool who spoke on the Saxon Ward & explained with struggling dental care issues & with fast slurred speech though subjected to psychiatric drugs & psychiatric injections & explained had no hygiene products & no clean clothing . This lady explained that Runcorn Police had taken her to a shutdown mental hospital near Runcorn & the Lady said that the Runcorn Police had said supposedly said to her that some of her family relatives had caused her distress with issues such as false accusations, psychological abuse, & then had pushed this lady into NHS psychiatry . This is what this lady was verbally struggling to explain I had no idea if this was a genuine tragedy of this poor lady's life .

This poor lady also explained that her only elderly brother had visiting extraneous difficulties with having to catch multiple trains and buses in order to visit his Sister at the Saxon Ward . Tameside Hospital . Ashton Under Lyne . With what was explained to be around 130 miles distance from Runcorn Liverpool to Ashton Under Lyne Manchester . The poor ladies story was tragic the least I could do was when I was told of this distress with dwindling internet mobile phone power reserves was to add hygiene products to the Asda Internet Shopping App that were bottle’s of radox shower gel, 3 tubes of sensodyne toothpaste, 2 bottles of fragrance gentle care shampoo . The following day the Internet Asda shop was delivered to the Saxon Ward . Tameside Hospital . Ashton Under Lyne . Though the psychiatric nurse staff decided to confiscate the cans of cotton fresh lady's deodorant and decided to confiscate the can of air freshener that I got for the bathroom in my ward room .

On this day I passed a carrier bag of these helper products to this poor lady in distress though explained if I could get some home leave I would retrieve my visa card and purchase some very inexpensive clothes for this lady with her own choice of what would be sensible from the E Bay Mobile Phone Internet App .

These total lack of support & leaving people abandoned with distress in an NHS psychiatric ward could have been avoided with at least to ask before a Police Instructed grab detainment for possession to be put in a luggage bag at the member of the public’s home address .

A few days later this lady was said from NHS psychiatric ward staff to have been taken in the hospital taxi to Willby Ward near Runcorn Liverpool . Though some weeks later it was found this lady's hygiene products hadn’t been taken with her though NHS psychiatric ward staff had got these in the NHS psychiatric ward staff lockable store room at Saxon Ward .

Dr Martin Earl . Tameside Hospital psychiatrist in Ashton Under Lyne said during a Ward Round that he intended to get me subjected to the psychiatric injections of Resperidol . Though . I explained that already there was psychiatrists being prosecuted and being told from Court’s to give medical aftercare compensation for patient damage . I also explained there is research that explains iatrogenic medical damage & said there is even a Twitter Account trying to support patients from the problems caused from Respiridol with stories of health damage and aftercare compensation .

I was told from NHS psychiatric saxon ward staff that a restraint could be subjected so I telephoned Mr Daniels at the Citizens Commission on Human Rights who asked for the Saxon Ward Managers name who is Rebecca Ratican & the name of the NHS Psychiatrist demanding these instructions Dr Martin Earl . Mr Daniels from CCHR . Citizens Commission on Human Rights telephoned & explained that these methods intended were not to be committed . Though found these Human Rights demands to have been ignored . I was asked to telephone & send an e mail message if there was issues of restraint and psychiatric injection .

Later in the day I sat in the laminated floor dining area prone to the continual noise of the clatter of chair & tables then I noticed 2 NHS Psychiatric Ward Staff move their chairs at either side of where I was sat watched & noticed was that the NHS psychiatric nurse clasped their hands onto my wrist at my left arm and right arm . The NHS psychiatric staff then speak in a low tone of voice and then demand that I have Dr Martin Earls . Psychiatrist at Tameside Hospital . Ashton Under Lyne . Chemical psychiatric injection of respiridol . I noticed at this time was other NHS psychiatric nurses starting to enter the dining room area I am then literally pulled somewhat vertical from the chair & as I try to stop the restraint the taught restraint methods are to encircle the top part of my arms .

NHS Saxon Ward deputy manager . Yazmin explains to the number of NHS Psychiatric Ward Nurses that it’s too difficult to drag me to the bedroom area from this distance around 55 metres away and so what happens next is that NHS Saxon Ward deputy manager Yazmin ask the other NHS psychiatric staff to bang my knee at the back that would then allow vulnerability to push me to the laminated dining area floor with restraint issues then my clothing track suit pants are lowered and a psychiatric injection chemical is then put into the skin of my bottom . Well before these issues I had already explained that it’s researched that Respiridol is said to be toxically damaging . I then explain this is against the International Human Rights Laws, the Nuremberg Code and the Montgomery Ruling of Informed consent this is then blatantly ignored from the NHS psychiatric saxon ward staff .

After this suffering I get up from the laminated floor & then go to my ward bed room to check the charging issues for my mobile phone then the daily routines continue .

From my detainment at around 8 PM on a Saturday . 20 Th August 2016 & then 3 weeks later I’d still not got any clean clothes & no flixonase nasules to clear my breathing nose issues that can be a problem for headaches, sleepless nights, blurred eye sight and difficulty breathing .

During the start of detainment I wasn’t given any flixonaise nasules that helps problems medically for around 3 weeks in order to stop any other possible admin distress I telephoned the NHS Tameside Hospital reception number that's ( 0161 331 6000 in the year 2016 ) & asked for my call to be transferred to pharmacy where I spoke to staff I tried to clarify issues of missing paper record details of flixonaise nasule capsules that were wanted . I was told these would be delivered to NHS psychiatric Saxon Ward that same day this was after a wait of around 3 weeks of health distress from this time I’d responsibly been given the flixionaise nasule capsules .

I’d also got some some help with having 4 weeks unlimited internet, call credit and text with my internet mobile phone . So to ask for some possible help from the local Ashton Under Lyne MP Angela Rayner I telephoned the constituency office at Clarence Aracade on a Stamford Street in Ashton Under Lyne where I spoke to the receptionist & simply asked if it would be possible for MP Angela Rayner to visit the NHS Psychiatric Saxon Ward .

Some months before a book was delivered to MP Angela Rayners constituency office written from Katinka Blackford Newman that's titled The Pill That Steals Lives who has kindly given some 1 year of her time to help other UK wide suffering members of the public with psychiatric restrained lives . I was told from MP Angela Rayners reception staff that couldn’t be contacted because of being in London helping with what was explained to be ministerial care support . There was no help from my telephone call and some while later the NHS psychiatric ward staff had said that my internet mobile phone is to be confiscated even though I had struggled to credit with £ 25 that was found to have expired after being given back the reason was said that I was supposedly abusive even though I was obviously wasn’t .

That same day I asked at the NHS psychiatric Saxon Ward office if I could be given some coffee and tea drink supplies for the kitchen on the Saxon Ward as these were to be found in locked cupboard in the kitchen . NHS psychiatric Saxon Ward staff in their office said to me that I was supposedly making to many calls on my mobile phone I answered I am allowed to it’s my mobile phone .