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Friday . 9 Th September . 2016

On the Friday 9 Th September 2016 I was given after some days of distress a 1 hour leave permission from the NHS Tameside Hospital Saxon Ward Ashton Under Lyne & therefore made my way to the local somewhat less expensive store of cost cutters mini supermarket that is around a 10 minutes walk distance from the Saxon Ward .

There at the cost cutters I purchased some 3 packs of choc chip cookies & 3 cartons of pure orange juice that I specifically put out on the tables near the left side door was near the wall board notices though also made sure there was some stacks of plastic cups then raised my hand to patients & explained to please help yourselves considering that psychiatry ward life was already tragic & miserable already .

I noticed & then reported the maintenance issues amongst other problems of the patient room door being unable to lock the edge metal plate of the mortise barrel wasn’t able to move into the door frame striker plate & therefore the room door would not lock leaving the room insecure with property that wouldn’t go into the safe .

This would leave me with the option of putting a noisy bag & drop container at the back of this door at night when psychiatrically drugged & then asleep . I was told on a Friday 9 Th September 2016 that evening there was  no one to fix this door at that time I asked if there was a repairs maintenance care taker . NHS Tameside Hospital Saxon Ward Staff then explained the soonest time would be a Monday 12 Th September 2016 & yet then I was told there would be no idea if the door could be fixed at this day .

Saturday . 10 Th September . 2016

The difficulties got somewhat less with a leave permission of only one hour this aloud a visit to the cost cutter mini supermarket that is around a 10 minutes walk away therefore I purchased a pack of 20 embassy cigarettes for patent named chris ( that had been kind enough to help time line suffering patient friend . gary humpries ) & for patient name carol I purchased 3 large packs of choc biscuits that is trying to be given care for anorexia weight loss .

During the evening the conversation with patient phil & patient audrey sadly became tragic with patient phil being vulgar to patient audrey though patient darren & patient kieran came to the rescue with speaking with patient named phil . At 10-45 PM . Saturday 10 Th September patient dinger was subjected to offensive gestures from patient named phil against the visitor / dining are panel window as patient dinger was seated in this area .

However patient named dinger is a black belt martial arts instructor & had obvious capability to break tough blocks of wood though instead in front of the patients & NHS Saxon Ward Staff looked visually boiling though changed temperament to being cool & had Great British restraint in adversity .

Later that evening around 11-10 PM . Saturday 10 Th September 2017 were told from NHS Saxon Ward Staff that a patient lock down was in use this meant that doors in corridors & social rooms such as the MDT Room 2, Ladies Room, Kitchen, Dining / Visitors Room & Toilets were door locked & Patients were told to stay in their bedrooms .

At 11-30 PM some while after the lock down was reduced for the patient smoke break that is in the garden area meshed bridge enclosure were patients made friendly talk .

Greater Manchester Police bring a young lady patient to the Saxon Ward the female Police Officer speaks to the patient for some while that has very sadly self harm issues on her neck & says to other patients her name is katy who struggles to explain has some problems with hostile & unfriendly people who is in contact with in the community . The heartbreaking tragedy continues for patient katy who tries to clarify that her boyfriend left her 2 weeks ago & patient katy explains social & life abandonment .

Patient katy says to patients she gave birth to 3 children though was in devastation & a time span of misery when 1 of her babies dies around 6 weeks old in hospital though katy then sufferers increased tragedy when people she thought were her friends accuse patient katy of harming her baby  when the baby was said to have suffered medical complications in hospital & it wasn’t katys fault .

The social distresses patient katy had suffered are explained with what patient katy explains are bullying friends with various issues of very bad methods . Whilst giving her story to other obvious sympathetic patients everyone hearing this story wants to help giving patient katy gifts of what the other patients least have got this includes crisps, chocolates, & asking patient katy if would like a hot drink of coffee or tea .

At the table where patient katy was sat were around 4 patients that made interactive conversation & tried as much as possible to help though were struggling with what least had got . Patient named katy said most of her time is spent at home with very few friends when not detained in an NHS psychiatry institution .

Patient named audrey explained that the poor money she had being £ 10 had been stolen from her purse in her bedroom this week & also patient named jane explained that her poor money also of some £ 15 had also been stolen from her purse in her bedroom this week . Both of these patients have been here a few weeks & haven’t been given rights to the bedroom safe because NHS Saxon Ward Staff hadn’t prepared the room & didn’t action any repair else maintenance issues .

Today wasn’t as difficult though around 8-15 pm the patients reported that there was no milk in the fridge without a lock the Staff then explain that some 4 pints of milk had been used at the Saxon Ward during that day . The patients were then told that a request would be asked from other psychiatry wards for evening tea & coffee drinks supply of milk .

Though NHS Tameside Hospital Saxon Ward Staff member Gaynor explained that other psychiatry wards couldn’t help & so therefore from the 8-30 PM there was no milk for tea & coffee it was clarified that yesterday being the Friday 9 Th September 2016 that psychiatry staff at the Saxon Ward had borrowed milk though this was said to have been not returned . I explained that some of the patients had wasted some of the milk with pouring on the kitchen floor otherwise drinking cups of milk though there was a strict milk quota at the NHS Tameside Hospital Saxon Ward though wouldn’t be the same at a home address .

Some of the time patients would possibly forget & then use two plastic cups for a cordial drink else struggle with a non insulated plastic cup for hot tea & coffee because of missing polystyrene cups that would be insulated & therefore wouldn’t burn fingers holding this polystyrene cup .

Sunday . 11 Th September . 2016

Patient named amelia woke early for breakfast cereal & buttered toast though decided to take slices of toast from the plate then nibble & then put this same toast back on the plate . NHS psychiatric Saxon Ward Staff intervened & then took the nibbled toast from the plate then handed this to patient named amelia . Then deciding to compress bang the toast with her hand as the butter & fragments of the toast then break on the table this is then left on the table for NHS psychiatry Saxon Ward Staff for tidying . The previous day being a Saturday the 10 Th September . 2017 patient amelia was said to be removing the metal foil seal from the small orange cartons to then throw the orange drink around the dining area .

Around the time of 11 AM patient named phil was looking from the corridor area near the kitchen door & staff office into the window panel facing the patient named dinger & other patients seated patient named phil then gestures with a finger horizontal over his throat whilst staring at patient dinger who then does the same though puts his thumb in his mouth whilst facing patient phil then patient named phil then looks at patient named dinger with the same finger horizontal gesture though then gives a v sign with his fingers .

At this time other patients generate greater laughter as they sit at the dining area tables patient named phil then walks away from the panel window area & later that day patient named phil is sat in the MDT Room 2 tabled area with 2 NHS psychiatric Saxon Ward Staff that are sat in the corridor at both sides of the door of the MDT Room 2 .

Around 1 PM I was given permission for a 1 hour leave & then headed for the local cost cutter that is somewhat cheaper than the Amigo Hospital Shop at the Hartshead South area at this store I purchased 2 blocks of choc biscuits, 1 large multi pack of various flavoured crisps, 10 embassy filter for patient named chris with no leave time and detained, 10 envelopes, 1 reel of sellotape, 7 first class stamps the refreshments were there to share for patients at the tv area that evening . At the store was polish patient named patrick who had kindly purchased 3 large bags of various crisps, 1 bottle of ribena & blocs of chocolate from the other near area store of tesco in order to give some help to patients watching tv during the evening for ample snacks .

At 5 PM the evening meal wheeler cart is brought to the NHS Saxon Ward patient dinger has to attend to taking property to room I watch his meal then returns to the Dining Area & eats his meal . Patient named phil is given a chicken wing, stuffing, roast potatoes, peas & gravy followed with desert patient named phils name is on the menu paper . Patient named phil says this isn’t what was ordered & so the Saxon Ward Staff put patient named phils meal on the wheeler cart . Patient named phil walks from the dining area & then a few minutes later walks back & all of the patients have their meal .

I speak up & say that I am the last to be kept waiting & is my menu paper & meal on the wheeler cart . NHS Saxon Ward Staff member Bina says there is no meal I then answer what is there on the wheeler cart Bina then takes time to answer & says to me there is only 1 meal remaining that had already been put on the wheeler cart from patient named phil I answer to NHS Saxon Ward Staff member Bina & say it’s not a problem I’ve some crisps & chocolate in my bedroom .

Leaving the dining room area I try & open the kitchen door that is near opposite from the entrance door way to the dining area though find that the kitchen door is locked then the NHS Saxon Ward Staff unlock this kitchen door allowing me to get a polystyrene insulated cup for a hot tea to be made & then taken to my bedroom . When I get to my bedroom area I have to eat a block of chocolate & 2 bags of crisps . At around 5-45 PM . Sunday . 11 Th September I carry the 2 empty crisps packets & polystyrene cup to the dining area & put in the bin near the right side of the door way .

I ask NHS Saxon Ward Staff if I could have 1 of the remaining deserts on the wheeler cart then make my way to the kitchen to wash a tea spoon  & then eat the desert at the dining room are table . Patient named dinger explains that at least 3 times when writing on a menu paper the day before that no meal had been put on the wheeler cart & then as a last resort was given a remaining meal that he had not ordered . The tea spoon & empty plastic desert carton is taken to the kitchen where another patient named katy says to me is there any milk as there is nothing in the fridge with no lock . I ask in the corridor outside of the kitchen to NHS Saxon Ward Staff Dawn deciding instead to not respond at that time though then starts to wipe the kitchen surfaces .

Patient named katy then fills a plastic cup with water from the LED light drink water tap on the sink & then leaves the kitchen at this time NHS Saxon Ward Staff member Dawn mutters some slurred words & leaves the kitchen in the direction of the corridor walking towards the interlock wireless pendant keyfob waist belt controlled door . It does get somewhat a lot difficult with 2 NHS Saxon Ward Staff members having a talk near the wall notice board named list of patients that is on a day basis re written with a removable felt tip it’s explained to me that are unable to help because of being on what is referred to as a one to one ( this is where staff heavily scrutinise patients with visual observance constantly ) the other NHS Saxon Ward Staff Member then explains is then capable to get some milk from the fridge with a lock to then put in the fridge with no lock .