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Welcome to community website . Psychiatric Patients Blog UK

Patient’s detained in NHS & Private mental institution’s have asked for the establishment of an Internet Website Resource that describe’s their day issues and lives controlled from UK Psychiatrist’s with obvious disregard to their right’s of freedom and health . This is a story of modern day timeline degradation .  

Time Line of . Mental Institutions . UK Wide

Stoke Park Hospital . Birmingham

Around 200 years ago Stoke Park Colony for Mental Defectives was named and built that detained UK People that were classified as being ill

Tameside Hospital . Ashton Under Lyne

Has a number of psychiatric wards these are . Saxon Ward . Taylor Ward for Adults and for Elderly Hague Ward & ……

Heather Ward . Newcastle

A detainent mental institution recently detaining an X mental helath charity MIND Committee Member who explained human rights abuses .

Restraint Room Restraint Room Restraint Corridoor Corridoor Corridoor